G4BUE House & Equipment Sales

To: secretary@chippenhamradio.club
Reply-To: chris@g4bue.com

Hi Paul

I am writing to ask if you would kindly circulate the following
information about my amateur radio and QTH sale to your Chippenham & District
Amateur Radio
Club members, please?

Thanks and 73 de Chris, G4BUE
(Pulborough, West Sussex)

G4BUE Amateur Radio Sale


After 47 years of being a hoarder and building up a large store of
amateur radio equipment, sadly I have reached the stage of life where we have to
down-size to a smaller house with less land where I will not be able to
make use of, or have the room to store, much of my equipment.  I am therefore
offering it for sale before, perhaps, donating it to a club, or even scrapping it.

Whilst I am happy to package and send smaller items through the mail, I
do not have the time to despatch the larger items which will only be available
to personal callers.  I have a large amount of other amateur radio
equipment, that is too numerous to list separately, and most of which will be offered
free to personal caller purchasers.

I haven´t priced each item because I don´t have the time to research
what each item is worth etc, but if you let me know anything you are interested
in, then I will send you a postage / shipping cost, and I am sure we can come to
an agreement on the price.  Most of the equipment can be sold cheaply as I
just wish to dispose of it.

Please email me at <chris@g4bue.com> if you would like more information
about something or would like to visit and look at what I have.  I am retired
and am generally available most of the time.

I am adding new items all the time, so please look back from time to
time.  I will delete items as I sell them. 



I am also selling our QTH and have put the details on my website above. 
I would love to split the estate agent´s commission with a radio amateur
purchaser (and save me having to dismantle the towers, antennas and
station), or split the commission with someone who introduces a purchaser to me.

Please feel free to publicise the url of my amateur radio and QTH sales
in your club magazine, club forum and anywhere else where it will be seen by
persons likely to be interested in it – thanks.