Hawkins Radio Antenna on Test – Tuesday 16th August 22

Tonight we tested Brian G6HUI’s newly purchased Hawkins Radio 20m end fed vertical. The antenna was duly installed via a 12m Spiderbeam Fibreglass Mast and a Gary M0OTL drive on mount. Using 30m of RG8X we connected it to the Club’s IC-7300. SWR was at resonance as expected on 20m and we started using WSJT-X on 20m FT4. Many contacts were made as far away as China, North America and Bob VP8LP in the Falkland Islands. We found that the 7300s internal ATU allowed the antenna to tune on 17m, 15, 12, 10 and 6m Bands. A very versatile antenna indeed.

Here are a few photos before we got going.

G6HUI, G4HCW, G0JYL and M0HWA in deep discussion
Hawkins Thunderbolt Up Close
Even Closer Still