Alinco DX-70TH at Club Night 25th October

Tonight we tested a new Off Centre Dipole kindly loaned for the evening by Jack M0PLS. We teamed it up with a classic Alinco HF transceiver the DX-70TH. Jack made plenty of QSOs on 40m but it was good to note the OFCD was tuned for 40 and 20m without the need for an ATU. Jack used a 12m Spiderbeam pole with Sotabeam heavy duty straps and the whole set up worked very well. It was another great night and plenty of friendly chat to be had. Great to see Jenni and Merfyn back with us again after a few weeks absence. Till next time have a great week ahead and plenty of DX!

The old favourite in operation at GX3VRE.