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Loopy Night at the Club – 17th January 2023

Tonight we did some RX noise level checks in the Shack, the Hall and Outside. These tests were set against an S9 noise level received on our Triband Rotary Dipole on all the HF bands.

The Mag Loop in all 3 locations (indoors and outside) provided improved reception on all bands with a significant reduction in noise.

Here we see Chairman Brian G6HUI explaining the benefits of the Magnetic Loop when trying to overcome local RF noise issues.

Brian G6HUI explains the benefits of a Magnetic Loop antenna.

Happy New Year – 1st Club Meeting of 2023

The first Club night of 2023 saw us take down the Decorations on behalf of the Hall Committee and GX3VRE taking part in the 144mhz UK Activity Contest. We also extended a warm welcome to Ciaran M7GGC from Southwick who popped in to pick up some kit.

All in all a great start to 2023.

Club Christmas outings 2022

Club members were out and about once again over the Christmas period. Visits to both Martin Lynch and Sons in Staines (Weds) and Nevada Radio (Fri) made up for no club meeting this week.

There were some great bargains to be had. Here are some pictures of our radio trips.

Club Night Rig Tests and Santa Ops

Once again another top turnout and some great fun at the Club last night. We had a selection of surplus equipment on test as well as plenty of items being displayed on behalf of a local QRT Sale.

With Jenni’s fruit cake plus plenty of nibbles supplied by the Club Committee it was a friendly and welcoming festive social event.

Season’s Greetings to you all from all of us at Chippenham and District Amateur Radio Club.

Some of the equipment on test plus Brian running his very own GX3VRE Santa Net.

Will there be a Christmas Net??

Message just in from Mike 2E0OND asking whether the Club will be running a net over the Christmas period. Short answer is TBC. We will be discussing this at Club on Tuesday 20th December and any decisions made will be publicised on here and our other Social Media platforms.

144mhz UKAC and Dave’s IC-271e on test

Really good turn last night at the Club and Dave G8TTI brought along his newly repaired IC-271e 2m multimode to try out on the RSGB Dec 2m activity contest. Many contacts were made and Dave left happy with his new acquisition.

Great times with the Icom at GX3VRE
Dave G8TTI and Jenni M0HZT operating GX3VRE

Club Night Tues 29th November 22

Despite football on the TV it was another top turnout at the Club this evening. Jack M0PLS was keen to try out his 2nd Discovery 599 transceiver purchased on a Black Friday Special from Nevada. It certainly looked and sounded good with QSOs a plenty on 40m.

Meanwhile Dave G8TTI got to grips with an IC-271e which needs some TLC but Dave will no doubt get it back in to service very soon.

Here are some pictures.

Dave G8TTI and the IC-271e

A pair of Discoveries

QRT Sale, QRM Eliminator and Jolly Good Evening

Tonight we bid a warm welcome to Kevin Kelly who popped along for a chat and a cuppa and it was good to see him.

We also tested a QRM eliminator to see if we could reduce some of the high noise we get on our loft mounted HF Triband Dipole. Using a Chameleon F Loop 2.0 as the auxiliary antenna on a camera tripod in the Club shack we were able to null most of the noise very effectively.

We also had a collection of items on display from a local Amateur who unfortunately is going QRT. Several items were sold or reserved which is good news.

Andy 2E1GQX is writing a Rally report for Radcom and we hope to get some pictures included for a future edition of the magazine.

Good to see Gary M0OTL who dropped off a modified drive on mount to accept a Spiderbeam fibreglass mast.

The picture below shows the QRM eliminator on test. Till next time have a great week ahead and 73s.

QRM eliminator on test at GX3VRE