Intermediate Training Course

Updated January 2019 – There are no planned Intermediate Licence courses at this stage. Further updates will appear if this situation changes.

How does it work?

Basically, we hold weekly classes that will take you through the official textbook (we cover about 6 or 7 pages a week). 

Each week you will receive about 10 revision questions based on the previous week’s work. These help us, and you, gauge your progress.

We also provide e-mail copies of any material handed out and links to videos that explain things more, or show you how to do some things.

The e-mails mean that if you miss a week, you can catch up in your own time.

Which Text book do you use?

Our training is arranged around the RSGB book, Intermediate Licence; Building on the Foundation. The book is now in its 6th Edition and is a REQUIREMENT for the course. If you already have a copy please check on the edition number; there have been exam critical changes since the 5th edition. There are also important updates to the 6th edition due to changes in the licence rules.

What is the exam like?

Not much different to your Foundation exam, except it has 45 questions and it covers the Intermediate material.  The pass mark is 27 (60%).

It will be marked locally to give you an indication of whether you have passed and the formal results will come out about a week later.

What is required for the radio-related project building assessment?

The syllabus requires you to build something like a receiver, or a piece of test equipment like an SWR meter.   Cost depends on kit, anything from £15 to £60 is typical. Your project can be built at home and then assessed like your other practical tasks.

This will be discussed in more detail during the course.

What equipment do I need to complete the course?

Each student should bring a small tool kit, including soldering iron, solder and a multi-meter. This is so some practical work can be done at home, rather than in class. Advice on which are appropriate will be provided, but nothing “high spec” is needed.

The exam also states that you can use a silent non-programmable calculator.

Candidate requirements:

  • you must be a current member of Chippenham and District Amateur Radio Club to attend training at, and take advantage of our facilities. (The normal attendance fee of £2 per evening will be required. A small fee may also be required to cover room hire – TBC).
  • must have passed Foundation exam before sitting Intermediate exam, but can start Intermediate course without a Foundation pass.
  • must have your own copy of the textbook Intermediate Licence (6th Edition). Click the link to purchase direct from RSGB.
  • must have a kit of parts (about £6) to build test circuits and fit an RF plug, etc.  (These will be available to purchase at the start of the course direct from the trainer).
  • The cost of the Intermediate Level exam is £32.50.   This payment will be required upon commencement of the course.


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    NOTE: For students under 16, we will require a letter of consent from your parent/guardian.

    Will you want a components kit provided at the start of the course (at a cost of approx £6)?

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    IMPORTANT NOTE:  The information supplied on this form will be used and stored only for the duration of the course.  It will be sent to Vicki (our club’s Training Co-Ordinator & Exam Secretary) and our contact at Bath Radio Classes.  Sensitive information will be kept confidential and not shared with anyone, save for the RSGB who may require some/all of this information for the purposes of exam registration.