Under 18’s

Training & Exams

Chippenham and District Amateur Radio Club actively encourage the use of Amateur Radio for our younger members, and will support them through the training and exams wherever we can.  Youngsters are not charged a membership subscription or attendance fee but will be subject to training and exam fees.

Scout Cubs (Communication Badge)

Working with local Scout Cubs we can help give them an overview on three separate subjects with the aim that each are awarded by us with a certificate confirming that they have successfully...

  • Sent and received a basic message using Morse Code
  • Tuned a Radio
  • Made contact with another person using a radio

Jamboree On The Air (JOTA)

Every October, Scout groups across the world join together through the medium of Amateur Radio.   Working with different Scout groups each year we will aid Scout Groups with communicating with others across the world.

Usually hosted at our site in Chippenham, we have all the facilities needed to make Scout groups welcome.  Classrooms and a fully functional canteen are all available for hire as well as our own radio shack and break-out room.

JOTA 2017, we went to Heywood Prep School in Corsham to help out 90+ Beavers from around North Wiltshire.

For JOTA 2018, we are looking for Scout Groups who are interested in coming to our site in Chippenham.