Radio Programming

There are many codeplugs available for DMR radios and we maintain a select few for the most popular radios which are made available to our subscribers.  

DMR RADIOS we support:

  • Retevis RT3 / TYT MD380
  • Retevis RT82
  • Hytera MD655G
  • Hytera MD785G
  • Some Motorola digital radios

It is important to note though, that uploading a codeplug onto a radio where a different firmware version is being used can cause damage to the radio. SW-DMR can accept no responsibility for damage caused to radios, but will endeavour to offer it's members support by email (or through our Member's only FaceBook Group).

Here are some useful videos available for you to watch which will step you through the process of building and configuring a Retevis RT83 / TYT MD380 radio, which once understood should help you on your way to configuring most types of radio code plug (they are all very similar in process/design).

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